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AVR Spoiler 2

Happy Monday MTG peeps,
It being the first day of official Avacyn Restored previews / spoilers, Magic the Gathering fans will be chomping at the bit to see what new cards will be making a splash in their fav game.  From a quick poll of fellow gamers we know, it appears that almost everyone will be heading out to the Avacyn Restored PreRelease - not only to score the Moonsilver Spear promo (shown to the right) but also dig into the mysterious Helvault promo.

Be sure to drop by MTG Realm as we continually post new content over the next few weeks until the set is finally released on on May 4, 2012.  Today's our second post - the previous one we told you about the Avacyn Restored MiniSite.  Let's have a look at what went up on the mothership today . . .

Griselbrand, 4BBBB
Legendary Creature - Demon, Mythic Rare
Flying, lifelink
Pay 7 life: Draw seven cards.

Temporal Mastery, 5UU
Sorcery, Mythic Rare
Take an extra turn after this one. Exile Temporal Mastery.
Miracle {1}{U} (You may cast this card for its miracle cost when you draw it if it's the first card you drew this turn.)

Banishing Stroke, 5W
Instant, Uncommon
Put target artifact, creature or enchantment on the bottom of its owner's library.
Miracle {W} (You may cast this card for its miracle cost when you draw it if it's the first card you drew this turn.)

Howlgeist, 5G
Creature - Spirit Wolf, Uncommon
Creatures with power less than Howlgeist's power can't block it.
Demonic Taskmaster, 2B
Creature - Demon, Uncommon
At the beginning of your upkeep, sacrifice a creature other than Demonic Taskmaster.

Cloudshift, W
Instant, Common
Exile target creature you control, then return it to the battlefield under your control.

Wingcrafter, U
Creature - Human Wizard, Common
Soulbond (You may pair this creature with another unpaired creature when either enters the battlefield. They remain paired for as long as you control both of them.)
As long a Wingbonder is paired with another creature, both creatures have flying.

Joint Assault, G
Instant, Common
Target creature gets +2/+2 until end of turn. If it's paired with a creature, that creature also gets +2/+2 until end of turn.


Soooo - what do you think? What rocks your world whether its standard constructed, limited, or casual?  As for us, one of the more interesting cards is Cloudshift - most certainly a blue ability but printed in white.  We're wondering what other conventional abilities will 'bleed' into adjacent colours.


Anonymous said...

green soulbound creature giving paired creature trample?

Anonymous said...

for greeny better if soulbond +2/+2 for partner :)

kalack said...

Cloudshift is much like Momentary Blink from Time Spiral except the cost is W as opposed to 1W. It also lacks the Flashback ability which made Momentary Blink better. Looking forward to more creatures with come into play, or "enter the battlefield" abilities.

Anonymous said...

better for casual this time...:)