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About That Helvault

Hello again MTG peeps,

It's the second post for the day (again) - thanks Wizards, but we would like some semblance of a social life during the spoiler 'season'.  Anywhoos - no Avacyn Restored spoilers 'n' previews for this post, but something we caught on the WPN website - a video developed for WPN stores who are organising an Avacyn Restored pre-release event featuring one of those fancy Helvaults.  Pretty much every player we've yattered to is itching to dissect this cardboard container during the event - we will be heading off to our local gamery store - OMG! Games & Collectibles, here in Barrie, Ontario and will provide video for those who are stuck in juvy hall / work shift / whatever.  

Anywhoos - here's the enlightening vid with Wizards of the Coast's Vice President of Sales, Scott Knoblich . . .

 Yep - that was cool Scott - especially the part where it was all Vincent Vega with that Pulp Fiction briefcase - you're not fooling us - there's no promos in the Helvault - it's MaRo's soul.

Also of note - 
Friday Night Magic Promo card sneak peeks.  May, 2012 FNM promo is Ancient Grudge and the June FNM promo is a very slick looking Acidic Slime . .  coolness!


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