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Avacyn Restored Lands

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

It must be 'spoiler season' again, as this will be now our third post today.  In our two previous posts, we provided you news about the Avacyn Restored Minisite, and gave a summary of previewed cards for today (9th April).
In this post, we wanted to share some of the amazing arts to be found on Avacyn Restored basic lands.  All superbly executed by Magic the Gathering card illustrators Adam Paquette, Eytan Zana, James Paick, and Jung Park.

Plains - 230 - Adam Paquette
Plains - 231 - Jung Park
Plains - 232 - Eytan Zana
Island - 233 - James Paick
Island - 234 - Adam Paquette
Island - 235 - Jung Park
Swamp - 236 - James Paick
Swamp - 237 - Adam Paquette
Swamp - 238 - Jung Park
Mountain - 239 - James Paick
Mountain - 240 - Adam Paquette
Mountain - 241 - Eytan Zana
Forest - 242 - James Paick
Forest - 243 - Jung Park
Forest - 244 - Eytan Zana

 We feel that the basic land illustrations from each new Magic the Gathering set provide just as much flavour to the storyline as the flavour text on some of the cards.  From these card arts, it appears that most regions of Innistrad is moving towards a peaceful existence.
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