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Avacyn Restored Boosters

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

Some very lovely Avacyn Restores spoilers out today - essentially the entire line-up of products which of course, being fans of the game we will want to spend some time carefully reviewing the art on all the packaging and start speculation as to what this next Magic the Gathering set may have for us.  Stay tuned for the next few posts as well provide a post for . . .

• Avacyn Restored Boosters / Booster Box,
Avacyn Restored Event Decks / Fat Packs, and
Avacyn Restored Intro Packs
Here's the essential 4.1.1. for the set - Avacyn Restored is the third set in the Innistrad block, being released May 4, 2012. It is the fifty-eighth expansion for Magic. Prerelease Events will take place April 28-29, 2012 and Launch Parties will take place May 4-6, 2012. Game Day will be on May 25-26, 2012. This set contains 244 cards.  Make sure you speak with your local Games Store to reserve or pre-order what you want.  Personally, we already have our orders in to OMG! Games here in Central Ontario and would buy it right now if we had a time machine.

Anwyhoos - Let's have a look at the Booster Box and Packs . .

There area 15 cards per Dark Ascension Booster Pack, and 36 boosters per Dark Ascension Booster Box.  Each Booster Pack will likely contain the following - 1 marketing card, 1 basic land, 9 commons, 3 uncommons, and 1 rare or mythic rare (with Mythic Rares found in approximately 1 in every 8 packs).




Well, it looks like a nice blend of three angels and two demons.  We already know the Angel Avacyn (Angel of Hope) as well as the Demon Griselbrand.  We don't know the red-headed Angel (we're really hoping for a multi-colour here), the creepy / beautifly no eye retina angel.  We can't really call the last devil / demon but we love that cool retro coat he has.

Join on in with your speculations as to colours / abilities, etc. - drop a line in the comment thingy below.


Anonymous said...

Usually at least one of the booster packs features the art of a Planeswalker card. Is that Devil a new Red Planeswalker?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was thinking that too. They said the set will have 1 to 3 planeswalkers and Neither Griselbrand or Avacyn Would be one.