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M10 UltraPro Products

We have some interesting Magic 2010 ('M10') UltraPro Products for your spoiler hungry eyes today. If you are not quite sure what this is - just look around during your next FNM and you may see the tables in your game shop quite literally littered with these things.

Our interest here is quite simply M10 spoilers . . . what art is provided on these products. We scored this time around by learning the (partial) names on some of these arts as well.

ULP 82390
UltraPro Magic 2010 Deck Box
Top Load "Treason"
ULP 82389
UltraPro Magic 2010 Deck Box
Side Load "Drake"
ULP 82388
UltraPro Magic 2010 Card Sleeves
ULP 82391
UltraPro Magic 2010 Portfolio

Also of note are two images of Magic 2010 Playmats which have been making its way around the forums . . .

Some popular theories for the second playmat art to date are 'Rain of Blades' or 'Holy Strength' reprints for the second one.

As for the first one, everyone here is still guessing - - Please jump in if you have a theory - new card or reprint ?


Nicholas Davis said...

THEY HAVE A PLAYMAT WITH ROCKY BALBOA ON IT?!??! Serious, look at that first one you posted. Instead of Mr. T, however, he's gonna box a lion to his left.

Nicholas Davis said...

Also, what about Fortify for Playmat #2?

Mondryn said...

"Treason" could be Serra Angel and Fallen Angel.

rosie666 said...

Circle of Protection possibly?

chickot said...

When I see it Mind bend and Time stop come to my mind.

Dave said...

I like the Drake and the Siren. I'm going to get myself one each of those. Thanks for the post!