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Week Away

Good Day MTG Realm readers,

My most sincere apologies but a whole lot of work got in the way. As a result, I am away on business for this week and most likely to a dark, far-flung region where 'teh internetz' do not exist.

Please this time to visit / reread previous posts or visit one of my friend's blogs :

Please note that I will be back in force for your favourite subject - Magic 2010 / Zendikar spoilers, and the like.

EDIT (1730 Hours) : I have secured accomodations which (thank the heavens above) is able to provide some WiFi action - I may be able to provide an update or two - so please set yourselves at rest - I still may be able to get some spoiler updates from the usual suspects and be able to pass it along. :-)


Jacob said...

I get some of my info from you!
You cant leave youre the original spoiler, foregin forum trolling gangsta!
Hehe.. thanks for the shoutout.. I'll keep your fans updated in the meantime!!

Anonymous said...

Nissa: (2)BG Loyalty[2]

+1:Target creature gets +2/+2 and trample till the beginning of the end step.

-1:Exile a card in a graveyard, put a 1/1 black and green elf warrior token onto the battlefield.

-X:Target player discards X cards, put X 1/1 black and green elf warrior tokens onto the battlfield.

-Benjin Revits-

casualmagic said...

Likewise. Coincidently I'm on vaca this week too and have limited wifi. But tomorrow iPhone 3.0 and I'll never be away from the net again.