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Fellow Magic player and blogger WinterN over at the Spanish site Prismagic has a very interesting project . . . He is working on collecting a 'Global' Set of the popular white spell Disenchant. If you can help them out, drop by the site.

What is a Global Set?
A Global Set is a collection of a specific card in all / every printed version that exists, including all the collections in which there appeared, in all languages, foil and non foil, and promotional publications of any kind. With the case of disenchant the number of cards to complete the collection is 153 of which WinterN and his other friends have collect 88 at the time of this post.


While I'm yattering on about Disenchant, here is an interesting article from MaRo regarding this card from 2003 . . .


Small Change, Mark Rosewater, Monday, July 21, 2003

Don’t let the title of this column fool you. This is no “small change”. Our examination into the colors forced a number of bigger changes. Once such change stemmed from the fact that we realized that the king of artifact hate needed to be green.

Why? Because when we examined the green/blue conflict, nature versus artifice, it became obvious that part of green's identity is its hatred of things unnatural. And in Magic, that’s artifacts. This hatred of artifacts is built into the core of green’s definition.
At the time we realized this, green was number three at artifact destruction. (Red being first and white being second.) So green got moved up two spaces. This meant white was knocked down to third. What third means is that white can have a little bit of artifact destruction but it has to be a pretty low power level. (In addition, it doesn't get any in the basic set.)

No matter how you slice it, Disenchant is of a pretty high power level. In fact, some of R&D argued that white was the true number one artifact destruction color solely because of Disenchant. Thus, Disenchant had to go.
But R&D really liked Disenchant. We felt it served a very important function in the game keeping dangerous combo pieces in check. So, we decided to move it. As green was number two at enchantment removal (white’s first), it seemed the obvious choice.

For those fans of white out there, have no fear. For each area it loses something, it gains it elsewhere. The metamorphosis of white has taken a little longer than the other colors, but I promise, when are shifting is done, white will be equal to the other colors.


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