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MTG / M10 Webcomic

During the recent WoTC article by Mark Rosewater, 'Tweet Talk', mechtroid asked whether MaRo if he read any (Magic: the Gathering) webcomics?

His response
"I skim a bunch but the three I make sure to read regularly are xkcd, Unshelved, and FreakAngels. Back when there were weekly Magic webcomics (including UG Madness, where I showed up as a regular character), I also read those. Come on, someone, step up."

Stepping up as MaRo urged is Andy Hull, an author, illustrator and programmer of interactive book company 'Story Fort'. Andy had installed his very first Magic webcomic just yesterday on the new site TomeBoy. His subject - the new M10 rules of course. The first strip is called 'Battlefield Trip' . . . very funny and intelligent, and I intend to be reading over at TomeBoy.
(click to enlarge)

Thanks to Andy Hull for his kind permission to repost this comic !


Also - newsworthy today is the expected July FNM Promo card 'Murderous Redcap'. I rather liked the orignal art by Dave Allsop and the new alternate art by Mark Hyzer is pretty damn good. Enjoy this card until it rotates out latter this year in October.

Until October, why not try some of these lovely cards together in a deck . . .

Murderous Redcap +
Sigil Captain or Oona's Blackguard or Ajani Goldmane



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