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M10 Spoiler 4

Wow - we've got a big M10 spoiler update for you today - courtesy of our friend in russia. We a total of 17 card arts WITH names ! Let's get straight to business (in alphabetical order too) . . .

Act of Treason
Eric Deschamps

Alluring Siren

Baneslayer Angel
Greg Staples

Captain of the Watch
Greg Staples

Centaur Courser
Vance Kovacs

Cudgel Troll
Jesper Ejsing

Drudge Skeletons

Honor of the Pure
(artist unkown)

Lightning Bolt
Christopher Moeller

Palace Guard
Volkan Baga

Rootbound Crag
Matt Stewart

Snapping Drake
Todd Lockwood

Sphinx Ambassador
Jim Murray

Stormfront Pegasus
rk post

Sunpetal Grove
Jason Chan

Vampire Nocturnus
Raymond Swanland

Xathrid Demon
Wayne Reynolds

Stay tuned - I have a few more Magic 2010 spoilers coming up soon.


Anonymous said...

turtles are green

Xian said...

Awesome spoiler! What has me interested is Sunpetal Grove, I thought it was spoiled as Golden Lotus already..? Silly translation error or is it in fact a different card..? Btw, I'm rather enjoying the art work in M10 so far :)

Anonymous said...

Wondering if Lightning bolt really gets reprinted now, but, you never know.

HeroTheDragon said...

Golden Lotus was a hoax. Sunpetal Grove is the actual land.