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Hey folks,

I would like to take a quick break from the M10 spoiler season and yatter to you about some cards I am looking for.
I would not say I'm desperate for these cards but I am rather willing to make sure I give you a really good deal for the trade.

Some prerequisites : It is preferable that you reside in the States or Canada and mandatory that you trade with me via 'CCG Tradepost'. If you have less positive feedbacks than I do, I will request you send your cards first (sorry).

Here is what I'm after . . .

(at the time of this post, I need 35 cards but here are the priority ones)
3 x Dauntless Escort
1 x Knight of New Alara
2 x Martial Coup
3 x Behemoth Sledge
3 x Enlisted Wurm
2 x Mage Slayer
3 x Reborn Hope
3 x Bant Sureblade

(at the time of this post, I have 686 cards up for grabs)
1 x Blitz Hellion
1 x Fight to the Death

1 x Glory of Warfare
2 x Mycoid Shepherd
1 x Retaliator Griffin
1 x Sages of the Anima
1 x Spellbreaker Behemoth
1 x Vedalken Heretic
2 x Blood Tyrant
1 x Bloodhall Ooze
1 x Charnelhoard Wurm

3 x Cliffrunner Behemoth
1 x Cylian Sunsinger
1 x Exotic Orchard
2 x Extractor Demon
1 x Font of Mythos
1 x Giltspire Avenger
1 x Goblin Razerunners
6 x Gwafa Hazid, Profiteer
1 x Kederekt Parasite

1 x Magister Sphinx
1 x Nyxathid
1 x Obelisk of Alara
2 x Paleoloth
1 x Rakka Mar
1 x Scepter of Insight
4 x Sigil of the Empty Throne
2 x Soul's Majesty
1 x Telemin Performance
2 x Voracious Dragon
1 x Worldheart Phoenix
4 x Archdemon of Unx
1 x Caldera Hellion
1 x Clarion Ultimatum
1 x Cradle of Vitality
3 x Feral Hydra
3 x Flameblast Dragon
1 x Kederekt Leviathan
4 x Knight-Captain of Eos
1 x Minion Reflector
1 x Salvage Titan
1 x Skullmulcher
1 x Spearbreaker Behemoth
4 x Titanic Ultimatum
2 x Vicious Shadows

Have a look at your collection - Hopefully we can work something out . . .

I also wanted to send a shout out to 'Carbon', fellow Canadian and a really decent human being . . . . here is the story -

We made a trade deal, Carbon received my cards and unfortunately I did not receive his. Carbon went out of his way and got a second set off to me. I received the second set the same day his first mailing came in - the letter was misdirected to a neighbour down the street who was on vacation for a week or two. Everything worked out fine and the second set was mailed back to Carbon. I truly appreciate anyone who ensures a perfect score on their trade feedback. Thanks Carbon!


Anonymous said...

How is that trading site working? I read the site is able to match your haves with wants from someone else and vice versa.
Are they somehow taking into account value of the cards? Or is it just a matter of you have 7 cards that person X wants and he has 4 cards for you available?

I am from Belgium and don't know if it would be a nice idea starting to use this trading site as most of the users seem to be on the other side of the globe ;-)

Nicholas Davis said...

At the moment, we do not take actual value of the card into account. HOWEVER, we've been working on it and will hopefully have that implemented by winter of 2009. We agree that it would prove a lot more useful than the current setup where it matches based on amount of cards (and a little bit by rarity).

While most of CCGTradepost is US and Canada, we do have a few international users that use it. At the moment you can see what country they are from. Eventually, however, we want to implement some functionality to be able to filter by country so you know what you can trade locally.

Dave said...

I'm definitely intrigued. Let me have a think about it and I will get back to you.

casualmagic said...

I've used the trading site and it is up to you to decide the value of the cards you are trading. Much like trading in person. I've not had a negative experience with the trade sites.