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Dark Ascension Spoiler 1

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

Welcome to a new year and the start of a whole slew of Dark Ascension spoilers. This, the second set in the Innisrad block is scheduled for release on February 3, 2012, with prerelease events on September January 28-29, and Launch parties will be held on February 3-6, 2012.

We suggest that you make tracks over the mothership today to check out Doug Beyer's feature article today in which he lays down a barrel-load of flavour and ten (10!) card images / arts from the upcoming set. For now, strap yerselves in for a ride and ogle over these Dark Ascension spoilers / art previews . . .

Art by James Ryman - 'Lich Lord' is the first thing to come to mind . . .

Art by Karl Kopinski - This image has a very awesome swash-buckling feel to it. Pirates and Zombies go together like peanut butter and chocolate.

Art by Svetlin Velinov showing a demon (or devil?) driving a hell-hound to the nearest drive-through picking up a hot cup'o'brimstone.

Art by Gabor Szikszai showing villagers upset that Nickelback cancelled the show in their hamlet. That or upset Vancouver Cannuck fans.

Art by Kev Walker - Get the spare room ready - your mother-in-law is coming over.

Art by Peter Mohrbacher - aewsome art is awesome. We have a feeling that Dark Ascension will be getting quite a few more Spirit cards.

Art by Volkan Baga - This freshly-hatched zombie apparently has a mean-on for Avacyn.

Art by Michael C. Hayes - That new Innistrad brand disposal razor you got for Christmas in your stocking ? WORST RAZOR EVER . . .

Art by Jason A. Engle showing the worst job ever in Thraben - the night watchman.

Art by Jason Chan - This is a great piece of artwork but we don't think it belongs on a magic card - it's just a titch too anime for our tastes.
Anywhoos - stay tuned for more Dark Ascension spoilers and previews as the new seasons gets underway.


just_gabe said...

"we don't think it belongs on a magic card - it's just a titch too anime for our tastes."
LOL! da fewls!

Anonymous said...

Best art of the page and y'all are leaving it out!?