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Dark Ascension Spoilers 11

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

We have some more Dark Ascension previews to pass along and have to admit that today's uncommon cards have us more excited than the rares revealed today. Anywhoos - let's have a look at today's Magic the Gathering cardboard goodies which gamers are yattering about now. Don't forget to check out our continually update Dark Ascension spoiler list to get the latest previews served fresh and hot to your browser.

Helvault, 3
Legendary Artifact, Mythic Rare
1,{T}: Exile target creature you control.
7,{T}: Exile target creature you don't control.
When Helvault is put into a graveyard from the battlefield, return all cards exiled with it to the battlefield under their owners' control.

Although at first glance this legendary artifact might not seem all that crazy awesome but we think some players will find a home for this. Wether it is simply for it's repeatable effect or something weird and sinister, only time will tell. We can imagine someone using this almost like their own creature bank / cold storage and then destroying this artifact (Phyrexia's Core or other) to get instant board presence after a global wrath with creatures having a bunch of comes-into-play effects. We're interested to see where gamers will take this.

Markov Blademaster, 1
Creature - Vampire Warrior, Rare
Double strike
Whenever Markov Blademaster deals combat damage to a player, put a +1/+1 counter on it.

So we have another decent double-striking card for a vampire build. As forum user necrogenesis pointed out, this has the potential to swing for 3 the first time she connects, 7 the second time, and 11 the third. If you don't want this to wreck face, you had better have a Gustshot in your hand to knock it off right off the hop. We think players will likely drop this for the new Stromkirk Captain (at uncommon) for their 3-slot vampire awesomeness.

Some other card reveals today include Fling, Lingering Souls, Stromkirk Captain, and Thought Scour. We have to admit that we are most excited about Lingering Souls as this may give a strategic card to get a standar B/W token build up off the ground and into the metagame. If you are not planning a casual or FNM competitive B/W token build, we bet you are making tracks to you local games store to pick up a few Ratchet Bombs.

We also have a token, of the 1/1 Lifelink Vampire variety which we will cover off in a dedicated Dark Ascension token post.

Lastly, we suggest you drop on over to MTG Mint Card who now have their Dark Ascension singles (Mythic Rares, rares, etc.) up as well as some very cool UltraPro products.

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