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DKA Dark Sacrifice

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps, We will start churning through the Dark Ascension Intro Packs just like we did with the Innistrad ones. We hope to have one or two videos up as will showing product dissection and some game highlights with one or more of the Intro Packs.

Each Dark Ascension Intro Pack contains : a 60-card theme deck, 1 premium foil card, 1 premium card, a Dark Ascension booster pack, and a strategy and a rules insert. Today however, we will go through the Dark Sacrifice Intro Pack decklist - let'g get to it . . .

Black / White
/ - Dark Sacrifice
foil rare - Fiend of the Shadows

22 creatures

1 Champion of the Parish (Innistrad Rare)
1 Disciple of Griselbrand (Innistrad Uncommon)
2 Doomed Traveler (Innistrad Common)
2 Elder Cathar (Innistrad Common)
2 Elgaud Inquisitor (Dark Ascension Common)
3 Falkenrath Torturer (Dark Ascension Common)
1 Fiend of the Shadows (Dark Ascension Rare)
2 Galvanic Juggernaut (Innistrad Uncommon)
1 Mausoleum Guard (Innistrad Uncommon)
1 Selfless Cathar (Innistrad Common)
1 Skirsdag Flayer (Dark Ascension Uncommon)
2 Unruly Mob (Innistrad Common)
2 Village Cannibals (Innistrad Uncommon)
1 Wakedancer (Dark Ascension Uncommon)

14 other spells
2 Altar's Reap (Dark Ascension Common)
1 Avacyn's Collar (Dark Ascension Uncommon)
2 Death's Caress (Dark Ascension Common)
1 Demonmail Hauberk (Innistrad Uncommon)
3 Gather the Townsfolk (Dark Ascension Common)
1 Gravepurge (Dark Ascension Common)
1 Lingering Souls (Dark Ascension Uncommon)
2 Night Terrors (Innistrad Common)
1 Unburial Rites (Innistrad Uncommon)

24 lands
1 Haunted Fengraf (Dark Ascension Common)
12 Plains
11 Swamp

This is another decent Dark Ascension Intro Pack for gamers who want to get into the new set or are getting into the game. We can imagine several players starting with this as a nucleus and then trading / saving up to upgrade this into a B/W Token build with Vault of the Archangel and Sorin, Lord of Innistrad.

DON'T FORGET : This weekend is the Dark Ascension pre-release - We'll be attending this event at our fav game store, OMG! Games in Barrie, Ontario, Canada - Central Ontario's largest MTG retailer.

We are now in the process to going through previous sets still standard legal to get cards to incorporate into new builds such as blue / white spirits, blue / black zombies, etc. We suggest you check out MTG Mint Card now before player demand pushes the price up or depletes stock of that critical card to synergize your new deck.

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