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DKA Swift Justice

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps, We will start churning through the Dark Ascension Intro Packs just like we did with the Innistrad ones. We hope to have one or two videos up as will showing product dissection and some game highlights with one or more of the Intro Packs.

Each Dark Ascension Intro Pack contains : a 60-card theme deck, 1 premium foil card, 1 premium card, a Dark Ascension booster pack, and a strategy and a rules insert. Today however, we will go through the Swift Justice Intro Pack decklist - let'g get to it . . .

White / Red
/ - Swift Justice
foil - Requiem Angel

Creatures (26)
2 Elite Vanguard (M12 Uncommon)
1 Forge Devil (Dark Ascension Common)
1 Stromkirk Nobile (Innistrad Rare)
2 Niblis of the Urn (Dark Ascension Uncommon)
1 Silverchase Fox (Innistrad Common)
2 Ashmouth Hound (Innistrad Common)
1 Bloodcrazed Neonate (Innistrad Common)
1 Torch Fiend (Innistrad Common)
2 Midnight Guard (Innistrad Common)
2 Niblis of the Mist (Innistrad Common)
1 Fiend Hunter (Innistrad Uncommon)
1 Erdwal Ripper (Dark Ascension Common)
2 Assault Griffin (M12 Common)
2 Lightning Elemental (M12 Common)
1 Night Revelers (Dark Ascension Common)
1 Serra Angel (M12 Uncommon)
1 Requiem Angel (Dark Ascension Rare)
2 Markov Warlord (Dark Ascension Uncommon)

Other Spells (10)
2 Traveler's Amulet (Dark Ascension Common)
1 Skillful Lunge (Dark Ascension Common)
2 Burning Oil (Dark Ascension Uncommon)
1 Nightbird's Clutches (Innistrad Common)
2 Rally the Peasants (Innistrad Uncommon)
2 Wrack with Madness (Dark Ascension Common)

Lands (24)
12 Plains
12 Mountain

This is another solid Intro Pack to get you into the standard constructed game and from which you could easily improve as your skills grow. We're darn impressed with the inclusion of Stromkirk Noble which some players we've talked to will buy this Intro Pack just for this Vampire alone.

Safe & Happy gaming - stay tuned for more daily posts even though 'spoiler season' is wrapped up.

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