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Happy Friday MTG peeps,

As it is Friday, we suggest you get yourself to a game store (where friends 'n' foils meet) tonight and take in a Friday Night Magic Event. We will be heading off to our local hang-out OMG! Games here in Barrie to continue testing a few builds against the local meta game.

We're taking a brief break before the onslaught of Dark Ascension spoilers we will be bathing in on Monday. Maro will be previewing that 'Jar of Eyeballs' and Trick J will be also have a new cool Magic the Gathering card to preview as well.

Today, we're catching up with yesterday's announcement on the mothership of a new mobile divice application which should make many Magic players happy . . . Yesterday Wizards of the Coast announced the first official Magic: The Gathering app for iOS and Android devices. This app will be FREE for downloading and whether you are a retailer / tournament organiser or just a fan of the game, there is something for everyone.

Some features of interest -
  • Track life totals including poison damage, floating mana, and Commander damage
  • Build decks
  • Research strategies
  • Read articles on the mothership
  • Store locator
  • Event Calendar
Here's some screen shots . . .

This looks great and we're rather happy that the WoTC is jumping into the app market - there is a clear and present desire from other players we've been talking to. Unfortunately, the app for Android is not expected until a bit latter after the iOS launch latter this month. Also of note is that if you wish to update your deckbuilder applet with the latest set, there is a fee. If this is a decent app, then we don't really mind the fee that much as we know developers have to feed themselves.

Anywhoos - stay tuned for the start of Dark Ascension previews on Monday which we will cover here on MTG Realm.
You should know that the folks over that MTG Mint Card has Dark Ascension Ultra○Pro products available for pre-order like these card sleeves and deck boxes.



brains fav trololol said...

I saw you at fnm for about 5 mins did you even or did i scare you of stay for round 1or did i scare you off
Your favorite. Troll

CopySix said...

That was 4 matches of hard slugging - 2 win / 2 loss which means I have some work to do on my standard artifact deck.