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DKA Spoiler Dangers

Happy Sunday evening MTG peeps,

We wanted to step outside the usual Dark Ascension spoilers and previews with this post and yatter to the Magic the Gathering fans out there about the potential dangers of unofficial spoilers. These can take any number of forms - from card text, images and even complete cards and some of the created card are getting very convincing.

That's why here at MTG Realm we will attempt to never post anything without the caveat or cautionary statement that the reader should solely rely on the official WoTC previews.

Edit - the experts (namely Annorax et al.) indicate that due to the text leading (spacing) and positioning of the text paragraph in the textbox are off, that this should be considered a fake.

Earlier today, we had come across a very convincing card which fit the Innistrad / Dark Ascension storyline, had an official previewed art as well as all the conventional markings of a real card yet to be spoiled. The originating source of the image could not be determined so we had turned it over to the forums to pick it apart.

Here is the potentially FAKE card which the community at this very hour is evaluating. Only time will tell is this is genuine or fake. Should it turn out to be fake, there is a special place in heck (not quite hell) for the person who created it.

Helvault - fake ??
Land, Uncommon
Tap: Add 1 to your mana pool.
3,Tap, Sacrifice a creature: Return target creature card from your graveyard to your hand.
Flavor text: The price of a beloved is another beloved.
Illus.: Jaime Jone
157 / 158

As for the story-line The Helvault is a huge silver mass that stands at the precipice inside the courtyard of the Cathedral of Avacyn. Its surface is rough and unrefined, and thin veins of dark mortar branch across its surface. It is shown in the background of a previous card - Tree of Redemption.

We think that the card number could be correct as we suspect there are no basic lands in this set - 'Jar of Eyeball' is 125/158. Could this card be real - comment below and we hope to see within a week. Should it be real, it may be one very expensive (and sought-after uncommons).


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