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Dark Ascension Spoiler 2

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

If you had already hit up the Dark Ascension art spoiler article we posted on Monday this week (WoTC Doug B's feature article) and loved it - well get ready, WoTC Monty had posted s'more on the mothership today. Dark Ascension, the second set in the Innistrad block promises to deliver classic / gothic horror to Magic the Gathering fans. Official previews begin on Wizards on Monday 9th January with pre-release events on January 27/28 and release on February 3rd.

Anywhoos - enough of us yattering - let's have a look at the amazing arts -

Art by James Ryman showing a nasty skeleton giving a 'cup 'o' cheeze to an unsuspecting villager. He's climbin in yo windows, he's snatchin yo people up! Oh hai! - Does this smell like embalming fluid.
Another art by James Ryman showing a lovely cathar (Innistrad holy warrior) staking 'n' burning - burn 'n' staking. By-the-way - hot vamp chick is hawt!
Art by David Rapoza - kinda like your boy scout / girl guide weekend with fun games such as 'let's not get eaten by the werewolf' -
Art by Ryan Pancoast - reminds us of a certain unamed anthropomorphic frosty pitcher (Kool-Aid Man!) breaking down walls / doors and slaying thirst . . . sort of, but with a dozen undead appendages.
Art by Clint Cearley showing a follow-up to the previous art of Kool Aid Man - ommigawd - that's not K.A. Mannnn !! arrghblachugh . . .
Art by Svetlin Velinov showing a cathar and friends playing pin the sword in the vampire / lycan.
Art by Jaime Jones showing a scene at a Nephalia necromancer's meeting where the 'ayes have it', the motion is carried and meeting ajourned for snacks.
Art by Steve Argyle showing snake charmer chick. This is simply our fav Dark Ascension art to date.
Art by David Palumbo (left) and Chris Rahn (right).

Time for some Werewolf jokes (apoligies in advance) -
What should you do if your pet werewolf gets sick?
Count your friends. It may be somebody he ate.

Where do you keep your pet werewolf?
In a were house.

How many werewolves does it take to change a light bulb?
A lot fewer than it takes to change a heavy bulb.

What did the werewolf say when he ate the DCI Judge?

Why do teachers hate teaching werewolves?
Because they are always eating their homework!

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