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Dark Ascension Spoiler 8

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

We have yet another post today regarding Dark Ascension spoilers and previews. This is an interesting post from - which provides some interesting details about this upcoming set - namely some card names along with the artist providing the illustration to that card.

We have seen several of these cards before but not all. Yet to be revealed cards are bolded. Personally, we are rather interested in the Helvault (if you are a fan of the Dark Ascension sotry / flavour). Remember - please consider this rumour until officially released on the motherhsip.

Speculate away!

Sorin Markov Key Art - Michael Komarck

Highborn Ghoul - Volkan Baga

Jar of Eyeballs - Jaime Jones

Thraben Heretic - James Ryman

Markov Blademaster - Jana Schirmer & Johannes Voss

Helvault - Jaime Jones

Village Survivors - David Rapoza

Deadly Allure - Steve Argyle

Faith's Shield - Svetlin Velinov

Werewolf Ransacker - David Palumbo

Undying Evil - Kev Walker

Havengul Lich - James Ryman

Death's Caress - James Ryman

Bar the Door - Ryan Pancoast

Requiem Angel - Eric Deschamps

Falkenrath Aristocrat - Igor Kieryluk

Stay tuned to MTG Realm for the lastest Dark Ascension news, spoilers, previews and reviews.

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