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Dark Ascension Poster

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

We trust that your Christmas Holidays were kind to you. Perhaps you even scored a few packs of Innistrad in your stockings hung by the chimney with care.

Anywhoos - not much happening on the Dark Ascension spoiler front (we'll get to the little bit soon), but there is some movement regarding Magic the Gathering premier play. We suggest that if you plan to reach beyond the kitchen table for the stars you should read the updates on the mothership. Check out this article entitled 'Revamped Premier Play Coming in 2012' regarding Planeswalker Points, Pro Tour, Grand Prix, and World Championships, as well as this article, 'Addressing Changes to 2012 Magic Premier Play', regarding further explanations and details the information in the previously linked article.

Righto - back to the little piece of Dark Ascension spoiler. This Dark Ascension artwork, featured on what appears to be a Friday Night Magic poster promotes the upcoming set release and is thought to be sent out to participating stores in January. This information is from the same Italian source (OniReject from the forums) who had shared an image of a Dark Ascension Intro Pack. Again, we advise you to consider this rumour until officially released by Wizards of the Coast . . .

The poster, in Italian reads, 'Dark Ascension, This Friday, Command the Night.

This is really cool art. Is it a Demon, a Lich, Grislebrand himself, or just a random art meant to show some necro spell ? Some one on the forums mentioned a passing resemblance to a Draugr Deathlord, of Skyrim fame - we kind of agree.

That's it for now, we might get another post off before New Year's but if not, play safe and don't drink too much goblin punch.

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Anonymous said...

maybe the card will be red? the figure is holding a ball of lightning, which is a hallmark of red cards...(just speculation)