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Happy Monday MTG peeps,

As it was cold and rainy this weekend, we had the fire going and played EDH / Commander for most of Saturday and Sunday. We'll get back to you in the next post of what was played and some highlights. For today's post, we wanted to yatter a bit about how the current local standard constructed meta-game is never stagnant (like it was perhaps just a few months ago).

Decks we were playing just a few short weeks ago are coming up short in our Friday Night Magic games which is just one reason why we love Magic the Gathering - we get to go back to the drawing board and either tweak those decks or start all over brewing up a new one. We usually have several builds on the go - some are for casual kitchen table fun, while others have a more competitive profile for playing at FNM.

Two decks we have which have undergone some significant changes in the last month or so are the Township Tokens build and the Tempered Steel build (to a lesser degree). These builds are tuned specifically to the vagaries and peculiarities of the metagame. Only two things appear certain in this game - change is constant, and the gaming community in Barrie which rally to the OMG! Games store each Friday is good at adapting to the changing MTG game environment.

Anywhoos -
Let's see what we're playing. Here's CopySix's deck - we'll have a look at R-Stomp's black / red vampires and RetroTech's blue / white humans in a latter post . . .

Township Tokens
22 Lands : 9 Forest, 6 Plains, 4 Sunpetal Grove, 3 Gavony Township

28 Creatures : 2 Geist Honored Monk, 2 Garruk Primal Hunter, 3 Elspeth Tirel, 4 Hero of Bladehold, 3 Mirran Crusader, 3 Blade Splicer, 4 Birds of Paradise, 4 Avacyn Pilgrim, 3 Doomed Traveler

11 Other Spells :
4 Shrine of Loyal Legions, 3 Intangible Virture, 3 Oblivion Ring


Tempered Steel -
20 Lands : 12 Plains, 3 Swamp, 2 Isolated Chapel, 2 Buried Relic, 1 Ghost Quarter

21 Creatures : 4 Etched Champion, 4 Vault Skirge, 4 Glint Hawk, 4 Signal Pest, 4 Memnite, 1 Mikaeus, the Lunarch

19 Other Spells : 4 Disptatch, 4 Origin Spellbomb, 4 Glint Hawk Idol, 3 Tumble Magnet, 4 Tempered Steel

We went with black in this Tempered Steel build due to all the secret stuff in our sideboard - yeah - the local meta is weird right now.

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