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Avacyn Restored

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

We now have, via WoTC Monty on the mothership, the formal announcment today of the third and final Magic the Gathering set in the Innistrad block. Let's get to just a bit of background first.

These were code-named in production "Shake, Rattle, Roll' and have (or had) the following official release dates -
Innistrad - 15 December 2011 Dark Ascension - February 3, 2012 Avacyn Restored - May 4, 2012

Onto the nitty-gritty - from the website -
Magic's May 2012 set, code-named "Roll," is called Avacyn Restored. Although it's the third set of the Innistrad block, it will be a large set. This means that Innistrad Block Constructed will be composed of all three sets, but Avacyn Restored will be drafted by itself. Sealed events will use six Avacyn Restored booster packs.

The tag-line here is 'Ignite the Dawn' with this amazing art from Michael Komarck (correction - Jason Chan), and here are the vital stats -

Set Name Avacyn Restored
Block Set 3 of 3 in the Innistrad block
Number of Cards 244
Prerelease Events April 28-29, 2012
Release Date May 4, 2012
Launch Weekend May 4-6, 2012
Game Day May 25-26, 2012
Official Three-Letter Code AVR
Twitter Hashtag #MTGAVR

Design Team : Brian Tinsman (lead), Mark L. Gottlieb, Dave Guskin, Kenneth Nagle, Bill Rose, Mark Rosewater

Development Team : David Humpherys (lead), Mark Globus, Dave Guskin, Erik Lauer, Billy Moreno, Matt Sernett
Righto - time to dissect 'n' speculate -

The angel in the art is generally accepted to be that of Avacyn herself due mainly to the set name. She appears to be coming in for a landing in the Town of Gavony but what interests us is that of the reaction of the villagers - are they happy, surprised or terrified ?

Avacyn's appearence is not like the typical cheerleader angel - she looks touched by evil and we bet will be not mono-white but multi-colour - perhaps black and white. Perhaps her time in banishment with the demon Griselbrand (in the Helvault?), changed both of them - or merged them.

Also of note - this will be a large set!
Please drop your comments below - your speculations / hopes for the next two sets.

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Chun Lo said...

The artwork for 'Ignite the Dawn' is from Jason Chan.