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EDH / Commander Generals

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

As today is Thursday (regular Commander night at our local store OMG! Games), we wanted to yatter about your choice of General - that is, if you play.

If you aren't aware, Elder Dragon Highlander (EDH) and now called Commander is a wonder casual variant format of Magic the Gathering which we would recommend to any Magic player, whether you are just starting or have been playing for years. A lot of the time, game play is centered around a legendary creature called General or Commander and because your general is usually the most reliable and consistent element of your deck in this 100-card singleton format, it deserves some deep deliberation.

Some players simply choose their General by what Legendary Creatures they may have others by choosing one which best fits their favourite colour or colours. As there is something like just under 500 (sorry we did not count 'em) different legendary creatures one could use a general, there is ample choices. The wonderful thing about this is that as this format isn't tainted by competitive pro-play, your choice of General and the 99 other cards in your deck provide an opportunity for you to protray your unique individuality.

We currently have about a 1/2 dozen EDH decks laying about our place which are constantly being worked on and tweaked. Frankly, we think that this is rather a relaxing and enjoyable activity compared to shovelling all that snow outside.

Anywhoos -
We want to hear from you, the reader - Who is your favourite General AND why ? - use the comment form below.

Here are some popular Generals as picked by the community at large . . . (Sliver Queen, Child of Alara, and Progenitus are popular choices for rainbow decks while others like a very focused approach)



Anonymous said...

Huraay for Commander! I'm pretty sure though that Mishra, Artificer Prodigy is more of a fringe commander than a format warping staple, thanks to the singleton nature of the format (that and Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary and Kokusho, the Evening Star are both banned). But anyway, I play Kaalia of the Vast, Teysa, Orzhov Scion and Zedruu, the Greathearted (yes, the Commander precons were of good use to me! :D).

Anonymous said...

I use: Hazezon Tamar, Animar, Thraximunder, Vish Kal, and omnath.

i have to say, Hazezon is my favorite. there have been so many times were i stomp peoples' faces in with massive tokens. Shared animosity is a fantastic card for any token deck running red. Also, marton stromgald is basically a creature version of shared animosity XD.

Ryan said...

There are 465, EDH-legal, legendary creatures



Scott said...

I second the comment on the bannings. My general of choice is Kuro, Pitlord. EDH just seems to be a format where he can shine. 40 life is a lot of life to easily control the board if he sticks.

Anonymous said...

Progenitus ftw!!
how i love 5 color control/ramp

cody said...

for me, the general of choice is Rafiq of the Many. I've loved bant since the shards block and in my opinion the color choices couldn't be better. I've seen different rafiq builds including voltron styles and fast aggro with token spam to distract opponents until the big swing. my personal take is to use each of the colors to their best advantage. my mono green stuff is almost entirely ramp with a backup of auras. my mono blue is almost exclusively draw power, as I only run 1 or 2 counters. my mono white is very largely spot removal and boards wipes. each single color has a few essential creatures and the mono creatures with exalted that are worth running. my multi-colored cards are completely rafiq centered and where most of my creatures lie. stoic angel, finest hour, giltspire avenger, knight of new alara, etc. the artifact lineup is pretty standard, sol ring, signets, good equipment, etc.

Boba's Dad said...

Here's my favorite EDH deck:

Maralen of the Mornsong X1 (Commander)
Ad Nauseam X1
Skirge Familiar X1
Exsanguinate X1
Swamp X96

Anonymous said...

For an Azorius deck, I use Ith, High Arcanist. I also like to use Sliver Legion for a Sliver rainbow deck, and Reya Dawnbringer for my white deck.