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FNM Foils 'n' Friends

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

We have to take a moment here to do a quick review of the most recent Friday Night Magic Promos. These promotional alternate art foil cards are prize booty for Magic the Gathering players provided at most game / hobby stores on the Friday evening standard constructed tournament. We've seen the new December card on-line and the art looks sweet. As we are in Barrie (Central Ontario, Canada), we might not actually see the physical card in the local shop until next week (we suspect the Wizards Distribution system is managed by a Goblin better suited to be catapult fodder), but this does not detract from our just how much we want to get out paws on one.

Anywhoos - The recent arts have been just fantabulous and much improved over several from last year which we feared was to become a trend. The card choices by Wizards of the Coast have also been spot on with most coming from standard as well as a healthly sprinkling of cards from MTG's not too distant past.

The latest Friday Night Magic alternate-art, premium foil prize card for December, 2011 is Savage Lands with the art by John Avon. Savage Lands from the Shards of Alara was a staple in almost every Jund deck (Black, Red Green). Jund also just happens to be one of the more powerful builds which evolved from the set (remember Bloodbraid Elf / Putrid Leech ?). This land card is also highly sought after for many non-standard decks as well with Modern and Commander format starting to fold into the Jund colours.

The Friday Night Magic promo for November was Go for the Throat which is a great removal spells that could fit into quite a few popular decks being played. Standard deck lists such as ‘Solar Flare,’ ‘Blue-Black Control,’ and ‘Grixis Contro.’ usually ran three of four of these. Although we don't play legacy, we're informed that decks such as ‘Merfolk’ and ‘Team America’ also make good use of this card. If you are playing black, this is also an 'auto-include' choice for your EDH / Commander build.

Contagion Clasp was the promo for October. We saw this card getting a lot of play when it first came out with Scars of Mirrodin and then popularity wanned a titch. As subsequent sets came out, proliferate became a viable option for a lot of casual decks - anything which collected a counter could be improved with this (bloodthirst in M12, Innistrad Vampires, etc.).

Just a few pics from last evening's EDH / Commander game at OMG! Games here in Barrie. All pics from the MTG Realm peep 'CopySix' tweaked and played the mono-white Darien, King of Kjeldor build while the other Realmer, R-Stomp, went with this slightly modified Heavenly Inferno Commander pre-con (white / black / red). S'more EHD/ Commander pics latter.

One game involved a Mark of Asylum and Dolmen Gate (awesome damage prevention) which frustrated the other four players. This was followed up with an Armored Ascension on a white weenie beater.Here's the other generals we were up against in our 5-way battle . . .
Olivia Voldaren (Red / Black), Riku of Two Reflections (Blue / Red / Green), Scion of the Ur-Dragon (WUBRG), Sheoldred, Whispering One (Black) and our Darien, King of Kjeldor (mono-white).
If you need to pick up singles from the most recent Premium Deck Series Graveborn, we suggest you make tracks over to MTG Mint Card - good stock, great prices.

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