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Happy Monday MTG peeps,

If you love Magic the Gathering and digital games, then chances are, you've been enjoying the Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012. This digital game platform provides the strategy of the traditional card game with the coolness of new tech developed for PC, XBox and PS3.

You may recall our last post on this subject back in November when we yattered about two new pre-con decks you could game with - March to War (/), and Ghoulkeeper () . . . well there are FOUR more solid 60-card builds and cool game unlocks coming your way soon. Each decklist pack will be $2.99 on Steam or 240 Microsoft Points. Let's have a quick look ->

Forest’s Fury (
Spells : 1x Rancor, 2x Treefolk Harbinger, 2x Primal Bellow, 4x Natures Lore, 3x Bosk Banneret, 3x Beast Within, 3x Battlewand Oak, 3x Heartwood Storyteller, 1x Overrun, 1x Dungrove Elder, 3x Cloudcrown Oak, 1x Dauntless Dourbark, 3x Ambassador Oak, 1x Weatherseed Treefolk, 2x Rootgrapple, 1x Nemata Grove Guardian, 2x Oakgnarl Warrior

Unlocks : 1x Verdeloth The Ancient, 3x Brindle Boar, 2x Verdant Force, 1x Gaeas Embrace, 2x Plummet, 1x Woodfall Primus, 1x Beacon of Creation, 1x Dauntless Dourbark, 2x Blunt The Assault, 1x Fresh Meat, 1x Lumberknot, 2x Copperhoof Vorrac, 1x Rites of Flourishing, 1x Multani Maro-Sorcerer

Trinity of Elements (//)
Spells : 3x Hellspark Elemental, 3x Ripclan Crasher, 3x Primal Forcemage, 2x Man-o'-War, 2x Farhaven Elf, 2x Vulshok Berserker, 1x Raging Kavu, 1x Rakka Mar, 2x Blitz Hellion, 1x Gaea's Revenge, 2x Fires of Yavimaya, 3x Cultivate, 2x Divination, 2x Regress, 2x Ronin Warclub, 3x Rampant Growth, 1x Pandemonium, 3x Evolving Wilds

Unlocks : 1x Primordial Sage, 3x Essence Warden, 2x Bloodbraid Elf, 1x Simic Sky Swallower, 2x Sentinels of Glen Elendra, 1x Ronin Warclub, 1x Hornet Cannon, 1x Riku of Two Reflections, 2x Jungle Barrier, 1x Warstorm Surge, 1x Thundermare, 2x Strength in Numbers, 1x Rites of Flourishing, 1x Gigantomancer

Beknighted ()
Spells : 2x Lionheart Maverick, 2x Youthful Knight, 2x Accorder Paladin, 2x Benalish Cavalry, 1x Leonin Skyhunter, 2x Benalish Knight, 1x Knight Exemplar, 1x Kembas Skyguard, 1x Knight of Dawn, 2x Zhalfirin Commander, 2x Benalish Lancer, 1x Kinsbaile Cavalier, 2x Alaborn Cavalier, 1x Cloud Crusader, 2x Plover Knights, 2x Ionas Judgment, 1x Windborne Charge, 2x Smite The Monstrous, 1x Righteousness, 1x Marshals Anthem, 1x Greatsword, 1x Swiftfoot Boots, 2x Moment of Heroism, 1x Armored Ascension

Unlocks : 2x Knight Exemplar, 1x Kinsbaile Cavalier, 1x Sword of Vengeance, 2x Paladin Envec, 1x White Knight, 1x Silver Knight, 2x Spectral Rider, 2x Knight of Meadowgrain, 2x Mirran Crusader, 1x Noble Purpose, 1x Hold The Line, 1x Serras Embrace, 1x Mass Calcify, 2x Knight of The White Orchid

Dark Heavens (/)
Spells : 1x Basilisk Collar, 2x Doom Blade, 2x Pillory of the Sleepless, 1x Demonic Appetite, 2x Sign in Blood, 1x Black Sun's Zenith, 3x Field of Souls, 1x Angelic Destiny, 2x Cadaver Imp, 2x Bog Imp, 2x Dusk Imp, 2x Doomed Traveler, 1x Wall of Essence, 1x Wall of Souls, 1x Souls of the Faultless, 3x Tormented Angel, 1x Deathless Angel, 1x Woebringer Demon, 2x Fallen Angel, 1x Ob Nixilis, the Fallen, 1x Sunblast Angel, 1x Pestilence Demon, 1x Angel of Despair, 3x Terramorphic Expanse

Unlocks : 1x Proper Burial, 1x Lightkeeper of Emeria, 2x Midnight Haunting, 2x Darklit Gargoyle, 1x Voice of All, 2x Faith Fetters, 1x Baneslayer Angel, 1x Damnation, 1x Akroma, Angel of Wrath, 2x Essence Drain, 1x Desolation Angel, 1x Vindicate, 2x Haunted Angel, 1x Living Death, 1x Seizan, Perverter of Truth
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