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Magic / DotP 2013

Something rather interesting had popped up on the Magic the Gathering spoiler radar recently. An Italian gamer had posted to YouTube what appeared to be an trailer for the upcoming Duels of the Planeswalker 2013. If you recall from last year, the DotP release coincides approximately with the core set release and contains many similar cards. With the release of core set M13 and DotP 2013, we expect much of the same.

The video for the Magic 2013 trailer appears to be real with the same motion comic style and narration, perhaps just not quite finalised. There are some fans which perhaps thought it fake but when Wizards of the Coast requested that content to be removed, the argument for a leaked trailer became convincing.

Of interest -
Nicol Bolas appears to be narrating and speaking about the original 'Lorwyn Five' planeswalkers rather than the updates we received in the last core set. Anywhoos - no video but here are some stills . . .

Of my foes, these five are potentially are potentially problematic.

A noble predator, he believes himself to be. This Garruk Wildpeaker brutal savage, nearly merciless killer. His impatience is my virtue.

Jace Belaren's greatest strength is his greatest flaw. A supremely powerful mind incapable of perceiving how he could rule all. The keystone in an unfathomable plan.

So utterly filled with power, so wholly lacking in restraint and vision. Seeking freedom. Will Chandra Nalar rise above personal retribution or will her furry consume all?

A dark power commanding the dead, Lillianna Vess inspires terror. In debt to demons, entranced in a pursuit of unattainable desire as ruthless as myself.

Reinforcer of life, light and strength in allies, a contemptible blight. Should we cross again, I'll snuff Agani Goldmane's spark, consigning him to an endless night.

They're but obstacles, part of a grand design. Fight them endlessly, they're likely to prevail every time. However, should you prove to be a duelist of measure, having depeated these opponents with skill, consider your fate. Or, if you dare face me, destroying you shall be my pleasure.

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Nantes said...

Thanks for the article, but whoever transcribed Bola's speech should seriously pay more attention! Every single paragraph has one or more mistakes!

Anonymous said...

"Will her furry consume all?" lol