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Innistrad Spoilers 9

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

The latest Magic the Gathering cards have been added to our Innistrad Spoiler list which now sits at 175/264. Make sure you keep up to date and check it out. Before we get to today's spoilers and previews, we have a bit of a treat for you. You may recall yesterday's installment where we reposted that very nifty Innistrad promotion video from Wizards of the Coast . . . well a LOT of people loved it (us included), but some players we know really thought it could have been better (think of those amazing Mirrodin / Phyrexia vids). We ramble sorry - onto the point - a tweet from wonderful cartoonist and MTG player, Inkwell Looter inspired us to do our own Innistrad promotional video - in the form of a chessy pharmaceutical advert . . .


We really do kill ourselves sometimes - it could have been better but the important thing was we had a ton of fun doing that parody video. Let's hope YouTubers agree. Righto! - Onto today's spoilers 'n' previews -

Creeping Renaissance, 3
Sorcery, Rare
Choose a permanent type. Return all cards of the chosen type from your graveyard to your hand.
Flashback 5{G}{G}

This from Muse Vessel. First of all - love the name - sounds like a weird Elizabethan time at that Renaissance Faire - not sure how the name corresponds tot he art but we'll take it. This is like a scaled-down version of Praetor's Counsel. This will certainly see some favour with the Commander crowd (think elves) but may not quite make the cut for standard constructed. Having said that, it still would be fun dumping out the contents (creatures, artifacts, whatever type you choose) to get those goodies back into your hand and then into the game.

Geist-Honored Monk, 3
Creature - Human Monk, Rare
Geist-Honored Monk's power and toughness are each equal to the number of creatures you control.
When Geist-Honored Monk enters the battlefield, put two 1/1 white Spirit creature tokens with flying onto the battlefield.

This preview from mtg visual spoilers page on the WoTC Fbook page. We love the art. We also love ETB effects such as this one with tokens. The P/T could prove to be hazardous unless you are puking up a lot of tokens with Parallel Lives - we suggest a build with Hero of Bladehold. In limited, we would rather pick up a Cloudgoat Ranger than this.

Heartless Summoning, 1
Enchantment, Rare
Creature spells you cast cost 2 less to cast.
Creatures you control get -1/-1.

Kinda like a Semblance Anvil here. The disadvantage is that any 1/1 dorks you have on the field are toast. The possibilities to drop fatties (like Titans) two turns earlier far outweigh this card's drawback. Some players have incorrectly assessed this as good synergy with Melira - don't be fooled as Melira only speaks to -1/-1 counters. This may also not be a good fit for a Zombie deck, so be careful. We definetly need to explore this further - for now we're thinking Myr Superion, and the Glissa, the Traitor / Perilous Myr tech.

Nevermore, 1
Enchantment, Rare
As Nevermore enters the battlefield, name a nonland card.
The named card can't be cast.

This one from a preview on David Leavitt's Boston mtg Examiner. Anywhoos - Meddling Mage is back - but now as an enchantment. Some players we know are griefing about the many very good cards that white is getting but we think that given all the dark forces besieging the human tribe in Innistrad, white really needs it for balance. In other news, this card (along with Torpor Orb and Silence of Stone) is really providing a lot of hate against Birthing Pod.

Our friends over at MTG Mint Card is having yet another contest on their Facebook Page.

They are looking to give away to two lucky participants an Ajani vs. Nicol Bolas dueldeck.

This contest closes on the 18th of September, so don't wait too long to enter.


Anonymous said...

Would Perilous Myr's text go off with Heartless Summoning on the field? Is it considered to be "entering the battlefield" and then immediately goes to graveyard because it's a 0/0? If that's the case, it seems almost too easy to get a win-con going. Just have a Glissa on the field, a Perilous in hand, and a Perilous in the graveyard, and you can deal two damage to a player over and over until they're dead.

Anonymous said...

glissa requires an opponets creature to go to the graveyard to return an artifact... how is this an endless loop? i see the author of the post put it as a combo he likes as well... maybe you both didnt read glissa?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I just realized that Glissa only triggers when an opponent's critter dies. D'uh! Silly mistake on my part.

Tezrael said...

I believe the author referred to killing your opponents creatures with the perilous myr. you have glissa, and heartless summoning out, you can cast perilous myr and kill as many 2 or less toughness creatures on the field