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The Gods of Born of the Gods

Happy Saturday MTG peeps,

In this our second post today, we are delivering to you all the five new gods which are to make print in the newest Magic: the Gathering set, Born of the Gods.  We have to thank a Little Bird and UltraPRO to be able to put together the names and the art for each . . .

Here's the UltraPRO playmats featuring all the five new Gods in the Born of the Gods set:

• Ephara UW

• Phenax UB

• Mogis BR

• Xenagos RG

• Karametra GW



Anonymous said...

really no comments yet? how lame are you guys

DClark1991 said...

There was a lengthy discussion with my partner on whether Xenagos will still be a planeswalker card or become a legendary enchantment creature

Blairolina said...

Okay, they are all very pretty and we know their names and colors - but what do they DO?
THEN we will have something to comment about!

Anonymous said...

He's already a planeswalker card. They aren't going to waste another card on him as a lw again. He'll be a enchantment creature like the rest of the gods.