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Born of the Gods Promos

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

TJ posted all the Born of the Gods promo cards on the mothersite today, and we have to say that the alternate arts on these Magic: the Gathering cards are looking solid.  We hope to at our local game shop, OMG! Games here in Barrie, Ontario for each and every one of the events to collect and / or trade for these.  After the dust settles, the group here are getting a whack of singles from MTG Mint Card to get a few casual lists off the ground and on to the game table.
Born of the Gods PreRelease Promos
(February 1-2, 2014)
WHITE Silent Sentinel - Kev Walker alternate art, Slawomir Maniak original art
BLUE Arbiter of the Ideal -  Jphann Bodin alternate art, Svetlin Velinov original art
BLACK Eater of Hope -  Mathias Kollros alternate art, Peter Mohrbacher original art
RED Forgestoker Dragon - Lucas Graciano alternate art, Todd Lockwood original art
GREEN Nessian Wilds Ravager - Kev Walker alternate art, Richard Wright original art

Born of the Gods Launch Promo
(Feb. 7-9)
Tromokratis - Jaime Jones alternate art, Matt Steward original art

Born of the Gods Game Day Promos
(March 1-2)
Participation Kiora's Follower - Steve Pescott alternate art, Eric Deschamps original art
Top 8 Pain Seet - Mark Winters alternate art, Tyler Jacobson original art


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