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FNM Round-Up

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

Many local gaming stores will be holding midnight prerelease events for the newest Magic: the Gathering expansion set, Born of the Gods tonight as well throughout the weekendA few local players we know will not only be  attending Friday Night Magic this evening but also every prerelease event at OMG! Games to make a marathon of it.  As it is also the NFL Superbowl this Sunday, a few shops we know will be holding special MTG / NFL events so you can play the prerelease while watching the game.

Anywhoos, talking about Friday Night Magic (FNM) - this really is what floats our boat here at MTG Realm.  If you don't know, this is a weekly Magic: The Gathering tournament played in just about every corner of the globe at local gaming stores. Friday Night Magic typically uses standard constructed format as well as occasionally Modern format.  Depending upon your store and the playerbase, you can simply receive or win booster packs and a foil FNM promo card.  Check the handy Wizards Locator here for the store nearest you.  Righto - back on track - WotC TJ had just posted the FNM promos for March / April 2014 on the mothership, so let's do a round-up of the FNM promos revealed for this year so far -


January 2014 FNM Promo
Warleader's Helix
Original art by Greg Staples, alternate art by Wesley Burt.

February 2014 FNM Promo
Elvish Mystic
Original art by Wesley Burt, alternate art by Winona Nelson.

March 2014 FNM Promo
Banisher Priest
Original art by Willian Murai alternate art by James Zapata

April 2014 FNM Promo
Encroaching Wastes
Original art by alternate art by Richard Wright

Here's a closer look at some of these lovely new card arts -

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