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Born of the Gods Tokens

Happy Tuesday (evening) MTG peeps,

 We know we've already posted earlier today with the latest 'n' greatest Born of the Gods spoilers and previews, but we had to share with you this early sneak peak for tomorrow's Magic Arcana spoiled by forum member 'fnord'.

Here is (supposed and quite unofficial) the token creatures and emblem you may expect with the newest Magic: the Gathering set, Born of the Gods due to hit your local gaming store on the weekend of 7th February, 2014.  We will get to our conventional / customary MTG Realm post latter where we graphically present all the Born of the Gods tokens along with the specific card (or cards) which produce them.


• 1/1 white Cat Soldier Creature token with vigilance, illustrated by Scott Chou
• 1/1 white Enchantment Creature Soldier token, illustrated by David Palumbo
• 9/9 blue Kraken Creature token, illustrated by Dan Scott
• 2/2 black Enchantment Creature Zombie token, illustrated by Winona Nelson

• 3/1 red Enchantment Creature Elemental token, illustrated by Greg Staples
• 3/3 Enchantment Creature Centaur token, illustrated by Ryan Barger
• 2/2 Wolf Creature token, illustrated by Raoul Vitale
• Kiora, the Crashing Wave Emblem, illustrated by Scott M. Fischer.

EDIT -  Final additions include
• 1/1 white bird creature token with flying, illustrated by Clint Clearly
• 2/2 blue bird enchantment creature, illustrated by Mike Sass, and
• Gold Artifact token illustrated by Richard Wright - perhaps something to pay the ferryman with.

If you've reading MTG Realm since 2008, then you know we have a thingy for tokens and more specifically, token decks.  We're most definitely excited to get this full set previewed so we can start deck-brewing.

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