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Modern Event Deck

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

Another interesting Magic: the Gathering announcement today from the mothsite about a new product incoming just before summer gets underway.  It has a lot of the MTG player community abuzz with speculation, conversation and in some corners, some criticisms.  We'll pick all of this up in a moment, but let's get to that official announcment now - another Modern Format product!  More specifically, a Modern pre-constructed -

Your power is here. Your time is now.

Get started with the deep-strategy Modern format in style! Draw on rare, high-powered Magic cards from past sets with this tightly constructed 60-card deck. Also includes -• a 15-card sideboard,
• strategy guide,
• Spindown life counter,
• 80 exclusive card sleeves,
• 5 double-sided tokens, and
• a deck box.

We are excited to introduce a new deck product to support the Modern format. This is meant to be in-line with the Event Decks we have released for specific sets except this is not set-specific and is for Modern rather than for Standard.
Modern Event Deck

Deck Design and Deck Development: Ben Hayes
Languages Available: English
Release Date: May 30, 2014
MSRP: $74.99

On the surface, this looks to provide an answer to any player wanting to take the plunge into Modern format - deck, sideboard, deckbox and even tokens.  From what we are told, Modern format is becoming more popular than before, and this product will certainly address this.  We will assume (hopefully correctly) that the deck box is big engough to accommodate sleeved cards.

Digging deeper, we have to talk about the suggested retail price.  When one considers the price of the average competitive Modern format deck (anywhere from $300+), this suggested retail price is very decent.  Now the tricky part - should be there one or more highly sought after cards in this mix, expect to pay double or triple the mrsp. 

Lastly, let's speculate on the contents.  At $75, we don't really expect the list to be chok'd full 'o' Bobs, Goyfs and fetchlands (Dark Confident and Tarmogofy) along with other highly desireable cards.  At $75, we are fully expecting a near-budget version of perhaps Melira Pod or the like.  The fact that there are five "double-sided tokens", we want to guess that this may very well be a revisit of a 2009 Pro Tour Kyoto B/W token list featuring Bitterblossom (edit - BB is banned in Modern), Elspeth, Kingh-Errant, Spectral Procession, etc., modified to accommodate newer cards.

Looking very much forward to this.



Anonymous said...

it can't have bitterblossom, its banned in Modern

Mike M. said...

It should be taken into consideration that even though $75 doesn't seem much for a full deck + sideboard, From the Vaults msrp is only $40 and is packed with value. So you never know.