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Born of the Gods PW Guide

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

We're very excited to have read the latest installment from WotC's Magic Creative Team on the mothersite.  We suggest that you click on over and read the full 'Planewalker's Guide to Born of the Gods' when you have an opportunity.  Today's post will deal exculsively with the mothersite article and the amazing Magic: the Gathering illustrations which will in all liklihood find their way on to cards for the next set Born of the Gods, due to be released on 7th February.  Anywhoos - let's get on with today's post . . .

First up -
We have to talk about this impressive illustration by Peter Mohrbacher.

Speculation - Mogis, the god of slaughter, likley Red / Black.  Mogis loves him some Minotaurs and we think there will be an expansion upon the seven or so Minotaurs from Theros.  Expect to see more (mortal) Minotaurs along with "Nyxborn" Minotaurs - likely of the creature / enchantment variety.
Next -
This lovely illustration by William Murai, who also was tapped by WotC to do the Anax and Cymede card art.

This certainly looks like Cymede, Queen of Akroa. As for speculation, it looks like Cymede may be attempting communication (sending a plea for help with the Minotaur invasion) with a god in Nyx - perhaps Iroas who happens to be the brother and rival of Mogis.
Next up -
This art by Chris Rahn showing what appears to be a 'gorgon-esque' Nyx being.

Our speculation here is that we are looking at the lesser or demi- god Phenax but more likely Pharika.  Pehaps we can expect a black / green, enchantment / creature card.
BOOM!  It's mega-Xenagos.  This satyr Planeswalker, printed in Theros has now taken on a god-like form.

From today's PW guide article, we learn that Xenagos ambition is to ascend to godhood and become the 'god of revels'.  He is conducting rituals culminating is something called "The Grand Revel" which may destroy but at the very least transform the plane of Theros.
Lastly, we learn from today's article that the Planeswalker 'Kiora, the Crashing Wave' which was previewed on Christmas Day, is indeed a native of Zendikar.  This green / blue 'Walker is scouting for talent on Theros to help battle the monstrous Eldrazi back home.  There is also a hint of possible tension between Kiora and Thassa, god of the Sea.

That's it for now folks, we're off to MTG Mint Card right now to pick up a few copies of the Minotaur 'lord' Rageblood Shaman.  Why?  After today's Magic Creative Team article we are inspired to take a Minotaur deck to our next Friday Night Magic event at OMG! Games here in Barrie, Ontario.

Happy Brewing!

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