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Happy Saturday MTG peeps,

Last evening's Friday Night Magic event at our local gaming store, OMG! Games here is Barrie, we rocked out with our new b/w humans deck (thanks to quick delivery from MTG Mint Card) and went 3 wins, 1 loss before we had to drop.  Enough of us though, let's talk Magic: the Gathering.  In this, a rare weekend post, we wanted to catch up with some recent rumors regarding the upcoming Born of the Gods set.  Hitting store shelves on 7th February, this second set in the Theros block will continue our journey in this Greek mythology inspired Plane.  Today's post is brought to you by the letter 'S', as in Speculation, Supposition, and Suspicion, in short, nothing tangible or confirmed.

Up first is a riddle from forum member 'Little Birdie' who some consider an insider (or near) WotC and had been vetted by forum mods.  Little Birdie provided this little riddle - "The seer looked confidaent with his dark inspiration. After all, no pain no gain."  We don't know whether the misspelling is deliberate or not.  Think what you may here, but we are hoping for a black coloured instant or sorcery where you pay life for card draw.

Next up  is a report from forum member 'Master Moja' who, at his local gaming store, someone had claimed to have heard of a discovery by party (or parties) unknown of a discarded WotC document containing some information on the upcoming set.  Brace yourself for some completely unsubstantiated Born of the Gods spoilers

• There is to be a black-coloured wrath effect (like Day of Judgement). If true, we suspect the converted mana cost will be rather high - perhaps six or seven.

Ferocious Charge may get the nod for a re-print.  This green instant which pumps a creature +4/+4 until end of turn and gives a scry effect may be a natural fit in the next set.

• Continuing with the minor Minotaur theme in Theros, there is expected to be a Legendary Minotaur which provides an effect similar to RTR's Skull Rend where an opponent discards two cards at random.

• Perhaps our next red / black god, there is news that the name of this beast is 'Mogis, God of Violence'.  This of course is all up in the air but we do have it from MaRo's Tumblr that the Minor Gods in the next two sets are to be set a Mythic Rarity.

• Lastly, there was talk of a legendary blue Kraken, that upon landing combat damage on a opponent, creates a 9/9 blue Kraken creature token.

Again, please treat as hearsay and refer to the Mothersite for all official Born of the Gods previews.

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