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RTR Previews

Happy Saturday MTG peeps,

San Diego Comic Con this weekend played host to a Magic: The Gathering panel who had provided some very cool previews from the Return to Ravnica block to a room packed with Magic the Gathering fans.

The panel speakers were:
• Director of Magic R&D Aaron Forsythe
• Head designer Mark Rosewater
• Art director Matt Cavotta
• Organized Play program manager Scott Larabee
• Brand manager Mark Purvis

Some select news about the Return to Ravnica block . . .

Return to Ravnica - fall Large set, with the release date of October 5, 2012 will have 5 guilds  conisting of Azorius, Rakdos, Selesnya, Golgari, and Izzet.  Each guild will have a new keyword specific to them as well a an appropriately coloured legendary creature card representing leadership of that guild.

The second set in RTR block is named Gatecrash, being released in January, 2013.  This small set will have 5 guilds - Dmir, Gruul, Orzhov, Boros, and Simic.

The third and final set in RTR block (codename 'Sinker'), to be released in April, 2013 is a small set and will have cards representing all 10 guilds.

There is to be a Return to Ravnica PreRelease Guild PreRelease Pack.  This will contain the following -
• 5 Return to Ravnica Boosters
• 1 Guild booster with guild prerelease card
• 1 Guild spindown life counter
• 1 Guild sticker
• 1 Letter from your Guild leader
• 1 Guild-themed achievement card

Finally - the run-dwon of the Guild leaders for the Return to Ravnica block.

Azorius: Isperia, sphinx

 Rakdos: Rakdos, demon

Selesnya: Trostani, dryad triumvirate

Izzet: Niv-Mizzet, dragon

Golgari: Jarad, elf zombie

Dimir - Lazav, shapeshifter

Gruul - Borborygmos, cyclops

Orzhov - Obzedat, ghost council

Boros - Aurelia, angel

Simic - Zegana, merfolk
Return to Ravnica and Gatecrash will each have 5 guild leaders which are two-color mythic rare legendary creatures.  Each guild will get a new keyword. No old guild keywords are comingback


joseph jefferson said...

the set called gatecrash is a large set not a small one 274 just like return to ravnica

Anonymous said...

I like rakdos and dimir