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RTR Previews 2

Happy Saturday MTG peeps,

This is a follow-up post to the earlier Return to Ravnica previews from earlier today.  San Diego Comic Con this weekend played host to a Magic: The Gathering panel who had provided some very cool previews from the Return to Ravnica block to a room packed with Magic the Gathering fans.

The panel speakers were:
• Director of Magic R&D Aaron Forsythe
• Head designer Mark Rosewater
• Art director Matt Cavotta
• Organized Play program manager Scott Larabee
• Brand manager Mark Purvis

Here are some select 'Return to Ravnica' and 'Gatecrash' art previews which is sure to get MTG players excited to game with the next upcoming sets . . .

Return to Ravnica lands art previews

Return to Ravnica Guild leaders - art preview

Gatecrash Guild Leaders - art preview

All the Return to Ravnica art spoilers previewed at San Diego Comic Con this weekend.


The Comic Con panel announced an regular annual set release of Commander product with this year's product not being a set but rather something along a tool kit being called 'Commander Arsenal'.
As the Magic 2013 core set is out this weekend, you may be looking to get your paws on select Magic 2013 Foil Singles, check out MTG Mint Card who now has these in stock.  These foils are great to get into a Commander / EDH deck.  

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Arthur said...

I'm very excited about the Gideon spoil!