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Rocking Rancor

Rancor : A feeling of deep and bitter anger and ill-will

Happy Wednesday MTG Peeps,

Today we wanted to have a look at one of several experimental builds with Rancor in standard constructed.  As we are all about casual Magic the Gathering gaming, no rogue strategy would be dismissed.  A lot of players are a bit hesitant to use auras when gaming but this particular aura has enjoyed popularity since Urza’s Legacy, when the card had the flavour text 'Hatred outlives the hateful'. 

We rather like Rancor as it provides some sweet advantages over most other decks with creature enchantments by not having the same inherent card disadvantage as it can pop back in your hand to be played yet again after your creature takes that inevitable dirt nap.  The most natural place for this may be in a green stompy build which is where we first fit it in.  If you haven't yet acquired a deck set of Rancor yet, we suggest you make tracks over to MTG Mint Card.

Rancor, Young Wolf, Strangleroot Geist, Beast Within, Predator Ooze, Skinshifter, Triumph of the Horde, Triumph of Ferocity, Champion of Lambholt, Vorapede, Garruk Primal Hunter, and a splash of white for Gavony Township.  We were rather single-focused here in trying to get Champion of Lambholt online with Rancor and additional +1/+1 counter collections from undying and Gavony.  After playing this, we realise that this may be a titch narrow focus and should include Dungorve Elder and other considerations.

Next post -
We want to try a green / white infect strategy with Rancor that some players are now talking about.

Speaking of green stompy - make sure you have the latest M13 singles to build your green menace with - check out Magic on a Budget for card singles.

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