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M13 Fat Pack

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

Happy Friday indeed - it is the Magic 2013 core set release today.  This means my pre-ordered cards from MTG Mint Card is already shooting toward by postal / zip code and should be in hand very shortly.  Also, as is our custom here at MTG Realm, we swung by OMG! Games the local gaming shop here in Barrie, Ontario at midnight last night / this morning and picked ourselves up a Fat Pack.

Here's a vid showing the dissection / unbox :


We assume you saw the weirdness - the foil Hellion Crucible in the same pack as the regular one.  
Rare Pulls : Battle of Wits, Elvish Archdruid, 3x Hellion crucible (1 foil), Mulilate, Shimian Specter, Sublime Archangel, Touch of the Eternal, Trading Post.

We're pleased as pie to have scored 2 Rancor as well.  With the older ones we have, we are set to pimp a black / green infect deck tonight at FNM.

Speaking of FNM, the official M13 Release / Launch is this Friday 13th.  We'll be headed down to OMG! Games to play and score the Launch promo, Staff of Nin.  If you are near Barrie (under an hour's drive north of Toronto), drop in.  FNM gets underway at 7:00 p.m.  Here's the 4.1.1 on the location - OMG Games And Collectibles / 130 Bell Farm Rd, Barrie, Ontario / (705) 721-4263 /
 Here the 4.1.1. from Wizards of the Coast for what to expect in your Magic 2013 Fat Pack . . .

  • Magic 2013 M13 Fat Pack
  • Nine Magic 2013 M13 boosters
  • The Magic 2013 M13 Player's Guide which contains play tips story background and a visual encyclopedia of every card in the set
  • learn-to-play insert
  • A pack of 80 basic lands
  • A Magic 2013 M13 spindown life counter


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