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M13 Wild Rush

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

Each ready-to-play 2013 Core Set intro pack comes with a 60-card deck and TWO 2013 Core Set booster Packs.  As is tradition here at MTG Realm, we pick up one or more Intro Packs and then do a dissection / unboxing of it on video for you.  We scored the green / black 'Wild Rush' this time.  Good solid product to start into the game with or just battle another player armed with another Intro Pack.  We were VERY happy with the epic foil we pulled out of one of the two booster packs in this . . .

Yep - that was a foil Lili in that second booster - we died and went to N3rd heaven.

Each Magic 2013 Intro Pack contains
•  1 Premium Card
•  1 60-Card Deck
•  2 Boosters
•  1 Learn-To-Play Insert
•  1 Strategy Insert

Intro Packs hit local gaming stores on 13th July and has a suggested retail price of about $15.00, which we think provides decent value as they now have two booster packs.  The Intro Pack is a great way for novice players to get into the game and are easily customized.  We suggest that you may want to pick up additional Magic 2013 singles from MTG Mint Card to upgrade the decklist as your skill improves.  Anywhoos - onto the lists . . .

Wild Rush -
Rares - Yeva, Nature's Herald, Predatory Rampage
Massive creatures hit the ground running with this explosive deck. Legendary elf Yeva, Nature’s Herald adds an element of surprise to your game, letting you cast creatures just about whenever you want to. Crush your enemies when they least expect it.

25 lands : 1  Evolving Wilds, 16  Forest, 8  Swamp

21 creatures : 1  Acidic Slime, 3  Arbor Elf, 2  Centaur Courser, 2  Deadly Recluse, 2  Duskdale Wurm, 2  Garruk's Packleader, 1  Mwonvuli Beast Tracker, 1  Primal Huntbeast, 1  Sentinel Spider, 2  Spiked Baloth, 2  Vastwood Gorger, 1  Yeva, Nature's Herald, 1  Yeva's Forcemage

14 other spells : 1  Crippling Blight, 2  Essence Drain, 1  Fungal Sprouting, 1  Naturalize, 1  Predatory Rampage, 1  Prey Upon, 2  Public Execution, 1  Rancor, 2  Ranger's Path, 1  Ring of Kalonia, 1  Rise from the Grave


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