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M13 Top Fives

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

As is tradition here at MTG Realm, we pre-order a 4x common and uncommon set of the latest Magic the  Gathering set.  MTG Mint Card ships from Asia on Friday and we get them on Monday.  Having some time between the prerelease and the launch, the MTG Realm crew has a chance to evaluate the cards.

Here is our run-down of the Top Five Commons and Uncommons for Magic 2013 Core Set ('M13') based on our own gut feelings of how the cards will perform in standard as well as limited . . .


Top Five M13 Commons :
• Murder
• Mind Sculpt
• Searing Spear
• Krenko's Command
• Farseek

Top Five M13 Uncommons :
• Rancor
• Jace's Phantasm
• Vampire Nighthawk
• Augur of Bolas
• Knight of Glory


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