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M13 PreRelease

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

We are freshly returned from our camping trip in the wilds of northern Ontario are are none the worse for the it.  We have survived black flies, bears, a crazed chipmunk and more importantly, without an internet connection.  We have a lot to catch up on.
First up, the all Magic the Gathering M13 spoilers and previews are out - check out the updated Spoiler List here.  You may also want to check out the Magic 2013 Frequently Asked Questions page over at the mothersite here.  As there are many midnight prereleases going down tonight, check out the 4.1.1 on where, what and when over at the mothersite prerelease page here.

We here at MTG Realm will be headed out to OMG! Games, our fav gaming store, here in Barrie, Ontario - just an hour north of Toronto to take in one or more PreRelease events.  Here is the lowdown on  whats going down at OMG! Games this weekend . . .

M13 Pre-Release - Date & Times
OMG! Games - Barrie, Ontario
July 7th-8th
July 7 12:00am (Friday Midnight)
July 7 10:00am
July 7 2:30pm
July 7 7:00pm  with a raffle for box of M13
July 8 11:00am
July 8 4:00pm - Two-Headed Giant

Format - Sealed Deck:
Each player receives six M13 booster packs to use for building a 40 card deck.

Four Rounds Swiss pairings

Two-Headed Giant Sealed:
Each team of two players receives eight M13 booster packs to build two 40 card decks.

Swiss with cut to top 4 or 8 depending on attendance.
(see WOTC for details on limited formats)

Cost & Prizes - $35 Entry for Events
all participants receive a  Xathrid Gorgon promo card
4-0 record receive 14 packs M13
3-0-1 record recieve 10 packs M13
3-1 record recieve 6 packs M13
$40 Two Headed Giant

Beat the Owners in swiss rounds and recieve 2 additional prize packs.  5 packs M13 added to prize pool for each team.


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