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Magic 2013 Promos

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

If all has unfolded to plan, this post would have published automatically in our week absence.  While we endure the great outdoors, we want you, the MTG Realm reader to ensure you know what all the very lovely looking Magic 2013 promos will be.  We'll be back riding the wild software soon . . .

PreRelease Promo - foil Xathrid Gorgon will be given out (while supplies last) at Magic 2013 Prereleases on July 7-8.
Original Art illustrated by Chase Stone
Promo Art illustrated by  Wesley Burt

Launch Promo - On Friday, July 13, Friday Night Magic players can score this special promo version of Staff of Nin. 
Original illustrated by Brad Rigney
Promo Art illustrated by Dan Scott

Buy-A-Box Promo - If you're a serious MTG gamer and buy a full booster box of Magic 2013, you'll get this Cathedral of War. We suggest you reserve your box early.
Original illustrated by Kekai Kotaki
Promo Art illustrated by Franz Vohwinkel

If you plan to attend Magic 2013 Game Day is on August 4-5, 2012 - participants will get this full art Mwonvuli Beast Tracker.
Original illustrated by Zoltan Boros
Promo Art illustrated by Jason A Engle

The Top 8 players on Game Day will receive an exclusive Magmaquake.

Original illustrated by Gabor Szikszai
Promo Art illustrated by Sam Burley 

If you have not pre-ordered any Magic 2013 cards yet, now is the time.  Check out the best selection and prices at MTG Mint Card.

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