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Commander 2014 Black Decklist

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

This week, Magic: the Gathering players who love the tall stack format are focused on Commander 2014 official previews on the mothersite and other MTG fan sites with exclusive previews.  Late yesterday however there was a very large unofficial Commander 2014 spoiler.  Here at MTG Realm, we much prefer the slow and measured release of official previews as it provides us with good daily content and gives us some time to plan our singles purchase at MTG Mint Card.  

We do have to provide a post on today's massive unofficial spoiler which definitely appears quite authentic.  It appears that someone got a hold of the black Commander  2014 deck early, took photos of the entire contents in their vehicle and then posted to 4Chan.  

Here's the names of all the Commander 2014 decks and product description for the black 'Sworn to Darkness' product -
White - Forged in Stone
Blue - Peer Through Time
Black - Sworn to Darkness
Red - Bulth from Scratch
Green - Guided by Nature

Sworn to Darkness Decklist

Ob Nixilis of the Black Oath is a ruthless tyrant who will stop at nothing to achieve his aims.  this Planeswalker Commander saps his opponents' strength, summons powerful demons to the battlefield, and compels the dead to rise and fight again.

Here is the full decklist -

Planeswalker Commander ( 1 )
ob nixilis of the black oath

creature ( 28 )
skirsdag high priest
nantuko shade 
vampire hexmage
burnished hart
flesh carver
crypt ghast
disciple of bolas
evernight shade
abyssal persecutor
liliana's reaver
magus of the coffers
raving dead
bloodgift demon
demon of walling agonies
drana, kalastria bloodchief
ghoulcaller gisa
gray merchant of asphodel
morkrut banshee
grave titan
phyrexian gargantua
pontiff of blight
reaper from the abyss
xathrid demon
butcher of malakir
overseer of the damned 
pestilence demon

artifact ( 9 )
sol ring
charcoal diamond
jet medallion
mind stone
swiftfoot boost
commander's sphere
unstable obelisk
worn powerstone

enchantment ( 1 )
Bad moon

Instant ( 8 )
spoils of blood
tragic slip
malicious affliction
sudden spoiling
tendrills of corruption
skeletal scrying
wake the dead

Sorceries ( 13 )
Sign in blood 
read the bones
syphon mind
dread return
infernal offering
aether snap
promise of power
necromatic selection 
black sun's zenith
profane command
dregs of sorrow

Land ( 40 )
Arcane lighthouse
barren moor
Bojuka bog
Crypt of agadeem
ghost quarter
myriad landscape
polluted mire 

32 swamp


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