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Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,
Goldfishing: Playing a solitaire game of Magic. Used to work out the tempo of the deck and to look for issues with mana and win conditions. The name stems from the notion that you play against your pet goldfish, who does nothing.
There is an online tool we've been using quite a lot.  This is a website where we check popular cards, popular decks / strategies then hit the drawing board to create our new weapon and make purchases at MTG Mint Card or actively look for a trade.  This online resource is mtgGoldfish.

This site has been online since about 2012 and it provides you with an understanding of the online economy for Magic: The Gathering Online (MTGO) using price lists, historical pricing data, pricing trends and metagame analysis. We particularly are very interested in what what decklists are delivering results on MTGO to determine which 'rogue' strategies are performing well or contrariwise, take an opposite approach and see what we need to play successfully against those popular builds which will (without fail) make it to the tables at our card shop during Friday Night Magic.

We suggest you check out mtgGoldfish and perhaps if you like what you see, get the premium membership or drop some change in the tip jar because you likely know the crazy server costs involved in keeping a site floating


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