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Stoke those Flames

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

This morning we had fully planned on getting up early to see that Blood Moon we wrote about in yesterday's article but just could not drag out butts outta bed - it's grey, raining and cold (about 48ºF / 9ºC) and it was much more pleasant under the covers than outside at 6:30 this morning.  Anywhoos, given the weather here, our thought are turning towards getting some firewood in for the season in preparation for a series of enjoyable fires.  As our brains are nearly hardwired to think Magic: the Gathering, when we think about a wood fire, we think about burn spells.

One rather popular burn spell in standard format just right now is the Magic 2015 uncommon, Stoke the Flames, which for four mana (2 colourless and 2 mountains) delivers four points of damage to target critter or player.  Wow that sucks you might say, but wait - this sucker has 'Covoke' meaning you can tap your creatures down to help pay for that spell and that is not that shabby at all.  This is made all the better with cards like Raise the Alarm (colourless and a white instant giving you two 1/1 white soldier creature tokens), and the new Hordeling Outburst from Khans of Tarkir (1 colourless and 2 red sorcery dropping three 1/1 red goblin creature tokens).  We made sure we picked up decksets of these from MTG Mint Card as soon as they came out.

Jeskai Ascendancy is the bees knees with this one-two punch.  With that Ascendancy enchantment in play as well as at least two of the previously mentioned creature tokens, you can then cast Stoke the Flames and now have Jeskai Ascendancy untap and get +1/+1 until end of turn - pretty damn sweet synergy we think.

Anywhoos, we are very excited that the Friday Night Magic promo card for December will be Stoke The Flames.  A very solid choice from WotC given the playability of the card right now and just an outstanding job on the new card illustation as well.

Original Art by Ryan Barger
FNM Promo Art by Mathias Kollros


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