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LGS Spotlight - Gryfalia's Aerie

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

Here in Canada-Land, it is the Thanksgiving long weekend where custom dictates the gathering of friends 'n' family and the consumption of domesticated Meleagris.  For some rather witty MTG related cards just for Thanksgiving, pop on over to this Tauntr postKicking things off for us is Friday Night Magic at our local gaming store here in Barrie, Ontario - OMG! Games & Collectibles and hopefully a few Magic: the Gathering games at the kitchen table throughout the weekend.

For today's post, we wanted to do yet another local gaming store spotlight feature.  This time, the eye of Sauron has fixed upon Gryfalia's Aerie Games, located in Bloomington, Illinois.  Gryfalia's Aerie sells board games, minature games ('minis'), and of course card games including the best game in the world, Magic: the Gathering.  They have regular Friday Night Magic events and other tournaments.  You can pop by to see them on 309 North Main Street Bloomington, Illinois, give 'em a hollar at 309-828-9196 or drop by their Twitter, Website or Facebook page.  It looks to have had some decent reviews on Google as shown in the above image.

How this store caught our attention was by some images posted by Sydney ('missmetalreaper' on Tumblr) of the washroom of all things at Gryfalia's Aerie.  We'll suggest that you can tell a lot about a game store by the washroom - and in this case, we are declaring kewl 'n' awesome!  Below from Sydney, pics of the very sweet looking MTG card 'wallpaper' as well as the witty Harry Potter reference.


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