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MTG Beebles

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

Today we wanted to take a step back in time to do a Magic: the Gathering creature spotlight - the 'Beeble'.  In the history of MTG, there has been only three cards with the the creature type line of Beeble;
• Bouncing Beebles, Urza's Legacy
• Bubbling Beebles, Urza's Destiny
• Bursting Beebles, Unhinged

There are also several other cards which does feature Beebles - these include Equilibrium (Exodus) Nausea (Exodus), Donate (Urza's Destiny), and Wizard Mentor (Urza's Saga). In Unhinged, these creatures were also used in the art for Topsy Turvy and Sauté. Perhaps the latter card, Sauté is a reason why the Beeble has left the world of Magic: the Gathering.  Here's that 'flavor' (haha/lolz) text -

"Selecting the proper beeble is the key to a good sauté. The pinker the fur and the heartier the yelp, the more succulent the beeble will be when you pop it in your mouth."
— Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar,The Underworld Cookbook

For a great article on the mothersite, click on over here. From the MTG Sally Wiki, here is a good blurb describing the Beeble -

A Beeble is a magical construct similar to a homunculus, which is used by the researchers of the Tolarian Academy as a convenient, easily summoned demonstration subject. They are small, slightly larger than a fist, have bare, rounded bodies ranging in color from pink to grey blue, and a set of feathered wings. They are permanently, even infuriatingly cheerful, mischievous but not maliciously so, and seemingly indestructible (though they can be unsummoned). Because of their irritating and bewildering nature, students loved to use Beebles in practical jokes, and Teferi once tied a pair to his feet to bounce tremendous distances.

Finally, Beebles are also shown on artist Jeff Miracola's cover for The Duelist #22 (February 1998) where everyone's fav gobby, Squee was harrassed by these critters. 


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