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Happy Monday MTG peeps,

What a great Thanksgiving long weekend its been up here in Canada-Land - loads of food, fun with the 'fam 'n' friends, and following the Pro Tour Khans of Tarkir tournament held in Honolulu in Hawaii, where Magic: the Gathering fans were closely watching how the Pros tackled the new standard format.  We'll yatter about this tournament in a follow-up post but for now, we'll congratulate Ari Lax take an Abzan (white / black / green) midrange decklist to the finish line.  We rather excited about this as we've been contemplating a similar list and have most of the cards from MTG Mint Card to complete it.

For today's article, we definitely want to talk about some exciting and important announcements made yesterday during the Pro Tour Khans of Tarkir tournament coverage.  Director of Global Organised Play, Hélène Bergeot sat down with MTG tournaament coverage host / commentator to discuss changes to Friday Night Magic and Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers taking place next year.

The big news is that you local gaming store will now be able to sanction any game format from now on, instead of just Standard and Modern.  This means the doors are now wide open for FNM organisers to better respond to the local player community and run one or more formats as shown below -

The other FNM related announcement from Hélène is that Friday Night Promo cards which were typically provided to just the top finishers during the Friday Night Magic event may now be distributed as the organisers deems appropriate.  Local stores will from now receive the following number of promo cards based on the store level for each FNM event - 

• Core stores get 5.
• Advanced stores get 10.
• Advanced Plus stores get 15.

The other news provided was a full list of all locations for Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers taking place on 24th April 2015 as well as the foil promo card for those players participating in the events - Liliana of the Veil.


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