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Blood Moon

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

Coming to a sky near you early Wednesday morning is a rare lunar eclipse.  With clear skies, at around 6:30 AM, observers in North America, portions of western South America, Australia and parts of East Asia, you should see the moon move into the Earth's shadow.  Due to the sun's light passing through Earth's atmosphere (and all the lovely pollutants we put up there), the moon is expected to take on a red rusty colour, hence the common term 'Blood Moon'.

As MTG Realm is a Magic: the Gathering fan site, we will take to the opportunity now to yatter about the card Blood Moon which has seen printings in Modern Masters, Chronicles, The Dark, Ninth and Eighth Edition.  This enchantment costs 2 colourless and a mountain and turns all nonbasic lands into Mountains.  Drop this during a Commander Game followed next turn by Ruination to destroy all nonbasic lands and loose all your friends fast.  We would suggest that you may also want to also go packing with some mountainwalk critters or something perhaps more sinister - just drop a comment below to share your idea.  We've got a copy or two of Blood Moon from MTG Mint Card but unfortunately have not quite found a home for it in any deck lists just yet.

Moving on but still talking about Moons, we should mention how much the Moon had played a part in the flavour / storyline of Innistrad.  On Innistrad a full moon can also slow the protection magic, and generate effects as terrifying as the transformation of the werewolves.  The human denizens had provided names to different types of moons within certain seasons such as the Harvest Moon in autumn when vampires are thought to be strongest, the Hunter's Moon in winter when werewolves grow bold, and the New Moon in spring signalling a time of new life and birth.

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