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Zombie Nation

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

With regards to Innistrad spoilers and previews, we think yesterday's preview of Mikaeus, the Lunarch may be the last big news Magic the Gathering fans see until the official previews begin next month. We are definitely pumped not only to see the cards but immerse ourselves in the flavour of this classic horror themed set. To slake our thirst, we hope to sit down and watch that 'Brothers Grimm' film, which apparently was not very well received by the critics. Aside from Matt Damon and Heath Ledger hamming it up in this fantasy comedy flick, we hope toignite our immanations as to what horrors Innistrad's Kessig forest and surrounding environs may hold for the aniticipatory gamer.

Anywhoos - enough of that and onto the post . . .

Having blue and black Zombies confirmed in Innistrad, today we wish to yatter about further developing some resoources we currently have available and constructing the ultimate ZOMBIE CLOWN CAR ! (insert Scooby-Doo mad scientist laugh here).

Ingredients required :

Nested Ghoul + ?
(yo dawg ! we heard you like zombies so we put a Zombie in your Zombie.)

Kinda like that movie Inception but with a truck-ton of Zombies.

Awesum flav text - "The chest cavity is cleared of useless meat. I know just what to do with the space." —Gyed, Vault Priest

Your next task it to either make Nested Ghoul indestructible (Darksteel Plate or Eldrazi Monument) and beat face with it or very carefully ping it for just one damage (say, with a Prodigal Pyromancer) - and voila! - A virtual Zombie Clown Car or factory.

Since we are on the subject of Zombie Apocalypse, let's extend ourselves to a quick look at Cemetery Reaper. This card was decent when Death Baron was around but seemed to fall out of favour recently - let's correct that. We think that it will win popularity contests again with Innistrad. But before we get to what the future may hold for Mr. Reapers, let's have fun with some soon-to-be rotated cards - namely Training Grounds.

One can now pay just one mana to exile a dead critter from a graveyard and regurgeitate a Zombie token. Cemetary Reaper will make this a 3/3 and if you were lucky to have an Adaptive Automaton out, it would be a 4/4 - not bad!

Anywhoos -

We want you to pipe in with your rogue deck ideas using Cemetary Reaper ! - Use the comment form below or shoot us and eMail.

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Anonymous said...

I hear tell that innistrad will feature a mechanic that makes creatures in the graveyard fierce. At first glimpse in the 2012 set I came across zombie infestation. A pretty much useless card with what is legal at the moment; however, I have a feeling innistrad will remedy this. Don't know about you, but I have hopes there may still be a use for the seemingly harmless 2cmc "where did all of my cards go... crap" enchantment. Maybe if paired with draw?