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Innistrad MiniSite

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

In this, our second post today, we wanted to let you know that the Innistrad Mini-Site is now live on the mothership. This is the go-to place to get all the latest (official WoTC) scoop on the newest Magic the Gathering gothic-horror themesd set, Innistrad. As with previous mini-sites, there will be regular updates to the various sections which should wrap up just in time for the prerelease events.

Let's have a look to see what we can expect over the next few weeks . . .

The World of Innistrad :

Flavour-based articles (linky here) will colour the plane of Innistrad with Wednesday updates on August 31st, September 7th, September 14th, and September 31st, 2011.

Innistrad Wallpapers :

A selection of three epic (link here) wallpapers to pimp your desktop or electronic device with pixelicious images from Innistrad. Expect new wallpapers to be released each Wednesday on August 31st, September 7th, and September 14th, 2011.

~Link Product Information :

Get the 4.1.1. on this latest set with all the vital details posted here. Links to Innistrad mechanics, double-faced card rules, and tournament events are posted here.

Innistrad Visual Spoiler :

The popular card image gallery for Innistrad is posted here with continual updates to the gallery with each preview card from the Daily MTG articles.

And now a word about jumping on this upcoming set - we're suggesting getting in your pre-orders ahead of the official release on September 30th next month. Check out the excellent prices at MTG Mint Card here.

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